Pinotage Body Scrub
Pinotage Body Scrub

Pinotage Body Scrub

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Pinotage Grape contains high levels of OPC's which have been proven to be 50 times as powerful as Vitamin E, resulting in one of the best sources of anti oxidants available in Skin Care

Healing Earth pioneered vinotherapy in South Africa, using the pinotage grape for its high concentration of anti-oxidants. The grapes are sustainably sourced. The pinotage product family synergises the anti oxidant properties, with essential vitamins A, E and C extracted from the grape seed, skin and leaves of the vine. 

The ultimate hydrating and brightening exfoliator. A granule exfoliation suitable for use on male and female skin with organic eco conscious granules.
Packed with antioxidants, this exfoliator will even out skin texture to reveal a smooth, glowing complexion.

Key Ingredients:

Pinotage grape seed, african cocoa, walnut shell powder (organic granules), neroli, orange and lemongrass.


To be used twice weekly on the skin with light pressure upward circles, focussing on areas of uneven tone or texture.


Ideal for any skin type, however to be avoided during the treatment of active acne, intense sensitivity or dermatitis.