Pinotage Cleansing Cream, 200ml
Pinotage Cleansing Cream, 200ml

Pinotage Cleansing Cream, 200ml

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A smooth milky cleanser and make up remover, leaves the skin feeling fresh ans smooth whilst maintaining the natural moisturising factor of the skin. This cleanser maintains the protective hydro lepidic film and nourishes and hydrates the skin.

Enriched with Vitamin C, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory essence.

Contains Pinotage grape seed, rosehip, jojoba, baobab and aloe vera.


Pinotage Grape contains high levels of OPC's which have been proven to be 50 times as powerful as Vitamin E, resulting in one of the best sources of anti oxidants available in Skin Care

Rosehip Oil

Source of vitamin A & C, restoring the dermal thickness and restructuring the epidermal barrier, promoting the formation of healthy blood vessels and enhancing blood flow. Leaving the skin with a healthy radiant glow.

Jojoba and boabab oil - Natural cleansers that don't strip the skin of moisture. These oils are also healing and anti bacterial removing harmful infection causing bacteria from the skin.

Essential oils - Carefully selected premium oils include Rose, chamomile, lavender, rosemary and jasmine are used throughout the range for their skin calming, balancing and anti ageing properties. Essential oils deeply cleanse pores, proving vital to all skin types including oily acneic skin